Main Business

R&D and Technical Consulting

■ Support of Reaserch & Development, Trial manufacturing, Consulting
■ High Speed Transmission Circuit, O/E E/O Component, Low Noise Circuit etc.
■ System Integration

Main Job Experience

・Embedded Software(AVR/PIC etc.)Development
・Analog Circuit(Sensor、LED、Power-circuit etc.)Design
・Optical Transmission Circuit(O/E、E/O
・OCR System Development
・Video Transmission System Development
・MPEG Encoder System
・Ultra High-speed Camera System Development

Sales of Electronics & Optical Product

■ Beijing InitiaLase Technologies INC.
== High Power & Ultra-high repeat Frequency Femutosecond fiber Laser ==
== High Cost performance ==

■ Princetel,Inc.
== Small size & High Quality Fiber Optic Rotary Joint ==

■ Smart Fibres Ltd. / Bayspec, INC.
== Excellent Performance & High Reliability (Contact us for detail) ==

■ O-NET group / 3SP Technologies
== Excellent Performance Laser Module (Contact us for detail) ==

O-NET group / ITF Labs
== FBG, Conbiner(Contact us for detail) ==

■ Ultra-Photonics, Inc.
== Polarizers,Prisms,Laser Crystals,etc. ==

Technical and Business Research

■ Technical and Business Research in Japan
■  Guideline Research in China
No.1 Company for the research in Chinese Broadcasting & Mobile Industry
== Sales of China DTV related Reports from Guideline Research Report ==
== Dealing with Custom Request on Special Research Items ==

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